Humeira Diljore
Software Engineer

Living in Mauritius 🏝, on the lookout for my next opportunity.


Born and raised in Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. I am very fond of startup culture and open-source software. I used to spend so much time indoors, but now I have started to spend time in nature, and I have found that it is much better than sitting on my couch while roaming around in Hyrule. There's so much bad happening in the world at the moment, filters no longer work for me, so I've decided to quit social media.


  • Responsive Web Design - Developer Conference 2015
  • Vue.js a jumpstart - Frontend Meetup 2016
  • Organised a Q&A session with John O'Nolan the CEO of Ghost in 2017
  • Organised Hacktoberfest in 2018
  • Google Developer Group Devfest 2018
    • Firebase + Vuejs
    • Vue Vixens Workshop