Humeira Diljore
Software Engineer

Living in Mauritius 🏝, on the lookout for my next opportunity.


Borned and raised in Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. I am very fond of startup culture and open-source software. I often spend way too much time indoors. You can read my unfiltered random thoughts on Twitter, see me dabble in OSS on GitHub & sometimes I write on my blog.


  • Responsive Web Design - Developer Conference 2015
  • Vue.js a jumpstart - Frontend Meetup 2016
  • Organised a Q&A session with John O'Nolan the CEO of Ghost in 2017
  • Organised Hacktoberfest in 2018
  • Google Developer Group Devfest 2018
    • Firebase + Vuejs
    • Vue Vixens Workshop